Mississauga networking group is inviting Mississauga-based business owners and solo professionals to join us in building a business networking group. If you have experience with other local groups, forget all about it because we’re different! Read on.

 Membership Fees
While other groups charge up to $500 or more every year.
Members will be required to pay a small annual contribution toward covering the cost of $150.00 for the year for hosting, domain registration and maintenance of the group and group’s blog site.

Strong Online Presence
While other organizations have fancy corporate websites, which promote the organizations, but not individual groups and/or members, we have our own blog site, and each member can add articles and other content to promote and drive traffic to their own websites or blogs.

Exclusive and Non-exclusive Categories
Each individual member controls the exclusivity of their category, not some corporation…

If this is something you might be interested in, come out and meet us, the only cost is $17.00 for meeting room, food, and drinks ($20.00 for visitors).

We meet every other Friday at Parsons Interiors  25-2861 Sherwood Heights Dr
Oakville, ON L6J 7K1

Please take a look at our Members Directory to see if your business category is open. If your business category is open, or you know somebody who is looking to join a group, please come to our next meeting.

Please share the link to our homepage: http://MississaugaNetworking.com

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Mississauga Networking list of speakers

The following is a list of the speakers for the next few meetings. Each speaker has 5 minutes to speak about their business to the group.  If you cannot attend on your scheduled day, please switching with someone that is on the list below, then please let me know.

  Jan 4th Ruby Umoren 

 Jan 18th  Alyson Woodbridge

 Feb 1st John Brucki

Feb 15th David Oldnall

Mar 1st Ingrid Wolf



Past meetings

 Dec 8th  Jackie Connolly

Jan 5th 

Jan  19th Ingrid Wolf

Feb 2nd John Brucki

Feb 16th Ruby Umoren             

Mar 2nd Ken Green   Missed 

Mar 16th Diana Budway 

Mar 30th Good Friday ( No Meeting )

April 13th Ken Green  ( Held at Ingrid Wolf  Office at Dominion Lending 15-6981 Millcreek Drive Mississauga L5N 68B )

April 27th  Alyson Woodbridge

May 25th  John Brucki

Jun 8th Ingrid Wolf

Jun 22th  Grace Pastore

July 13th David Oldnall

Aug 3rd Jackie Connolly

 Aug 17th Ruby Umoren 

Aug 31th Clayton Shim-Chim

 Sept 14th ( Held at Ingrid Wolf  Office at Dominion Lending 15-6981 Millcreek Drive Mississauga L5N 68B )

Sept 28th Ken Green

Oct 12th Alyson Woodbridge

Oct 26th  John Brucki

Nov 23 th Diana Budway 

Dec 7th Jackie Connolly

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Networking doesn’t work…Why?
I’m seating on the plan going to Arizona and this came to me after our last meeting.
Networking only works if you show up and participate. The more you give the more you receive that’s a given in everything in life. You can have the best products and services in the world, but If the group doesn’t get to know you. How do you expect them to refer you?
Remember behaviour dictates how you do business. Ok, you need me to spell it out for you. You are always on time never miss a meeting drive in stormy weather put others first before your self. Now please tell me how do you think people see you doing business is that the kind of person they want to refer to there friends, family or clients.
Would they be proud to say I know someone that can help you with your needs? Is this you?
Food for thoughts.
Jackie Connolly
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Parsons Interiors Ltd. provides a wide variety of interior design & decorating services and price points to meet your needs, from design concept to completion, in Oakville, Mississauga, the GTA & the surrounding areas.

Decorating with Parsons Interiors can begin with the blueprints and custom design of your space, or simply be the addition of those final touches that transform a room. Bringing together skilled craftsmen and artisans, while working within your budget, we create that unique home, office space or vacation residence that suits you today and for years to come.

We begin with a meet and greet at our studio, where we will discuss the scope, budget, and scheduling of your project. The next step is to spend time in your home, designing to your personal style and scale of your space. Finally, each project is detailed in a letter of agreement outlining the scope of work.

Don’t forget! With Parsons Interiors, you also have the option of shopping in person at our furniture boutique or requesting the purchase of anything you see on our online product page.

Services List

  • Colour Consultations
  • Decorating & Design Consultation
  • Upholstery
  • Home Staging
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Custom Furniture & Custom Furnishings
  • Furniture Selection & Floor Plans & Space Planning
  • Fabrics & Wall Covering Selection
  • Custom Drapery, Window Treatments & Bedding
  • Art, Accessories, Area Rug Selection & Lighting

Other Services

  • Custom Closets
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Painting & Wallpaper Hanging
  • Renovation & Project Management
  • White Glove delivery
  • Gift Certificates Available

Parsons Interiors Ltd. is a design studio & furniture showroom in Oakville, ON, specializing in full-service residential interior design and decorating services in Oakville, Mississauga & GTA. Contact us to book an appointment to visit our design & furniture studio.


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Home Staging

Parsons Interiors tips, and tricks on how to make your property look professional when staging. Staging is an overlooked, yet important method when selling a home.

The first step is to maximize curb appeal in this step, you must decide how to make the first impression on the buyers. By making a good first impression the buyers will be intrigued and want to learn more. Make sure the landscaping of the house is all up to date is neatly organized, a fresh coat of paint on the front door can also go a long way. Make sure you are not too attached to the house to the point where you no longer want to sell, but also not completely detached, so the house feels like a ghost town. Often homeowners blow their budgets on expensive upgrades but, but decorating your home is just as impactful and much cheaper. Remember it’s all in the details, so Parsons Interiors recommends you replace burnt out light bulbs, place fresh linens in bedrooms, and most importantly let there be light. Lighting makes the room feel bigger and more welcoming and that’s what you are trying to say to the clients, that they are welcome in this home.

The next step to staging a home is, choose a neutral colour palette. Bold colours are great for living, but not for selling. Light and bright should be your motto, keeping things light and bright make things look bigger especially in small rooms, and if the walls haven’t been painted in over 2 years, now is the time. Highlight best use of the space. Each room should be shown for its intended purpose, but giving a room more than one function is a great way to effectively show the space. Finally, make sure everything is clean!

The final step in making your home beautiful is to invest in places such as kitchens & bathrooms. If your kitchen/ bathrooms are dated then consider investing in repairing and upgrading these rooms. If your budget is limited, changing cabinetry hardware to brushed nickel or silver knobs and handles will give them an immediate appeal, also consider painting cabinetry instead of replacing them. Flooring is also another major area to increase the value of your home, it always cost less to replace worn carpets or add new flooring than to leave it to the new home owners. Remember, vacant properties sit, furnished properties sell. People perceive furnished homes that are well decorated as worth more. Always call a professional stager for help, don’t hesitate, let Parsons Interiors help you do it right!

Steps to go about staging your home

  1. Disassociate yourself with your home
    1. By doing this it makes the buyer feel like they can now take over and make what was once yours, into theirs
  2. Depersonalize
    1. Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms
    2. Remove/replace favorite items
    3. When personal items are out it blocks the buyer’s imagination
    4. The buyer must imagine their personal items in the house, and they can’t if yours are still up
  3. Declutter
    1. People collect an amazing quantity of belongings over time
    2. When things are cluttered it makes the space unappealing
    3. By decluttering, you are allowing the buyer to see the potential of the space
    4. Rent a storage unit
    5. Get rid of all excess items, and only keep the ones that focus on the purpose of the intended area
  1. Rearrange bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets
    1. Clean everything! A messy house is not appealing
  1. Make the house sparkle
    1. Make minor repairs
    2. Scrutinize
    3. Go outside of the house and ask yourself, would you want to go inside?
    4. Check curb appeal

Remember Parsons Interiors is here to help!

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Well as with any purchase the first thing you need to do is establish a budget.

It would be a waste of your time searching and looking at properties that are not within your budget. And needless to say, very disappointing to put in an offer only to find out that you cannot get the financing!

Therefore, the first step is to get a mortgage pre-approval from your bank’s mortgage advisor or with a mortgage agent/broker. This is a FREE service. Ask them in advance what documents they require before your meeting. This will ensure that you get an accurate pre-approval. You certainly don’t want any surprises after the offer has been made!

This is a good idea even if you’re not planning on moving for the next few months or even a year or two from now. They will help you build a financial plan so you can achieve your goals. If you have “bruised credit”, there are ways in which they can help improve your credit score.

The mortgage should be customized to your specific needs. It’s NOT just about the lending rate! Make sure the lender is someone you feel comfortable with and spends that extra time explaining your options. After all this could possibly be one of the largest purchases you have ever made to date. Be informed!

They will explain the different options of how much you will need available for a deposit. This deposit will be a part of the down payment. And, if your money is coming from overseas you need to enquire how long the money must actually be in Canada as this is regulated by the Canadian Federal Government and not any financial institution. Or, if you have funds in TFSA’s or RRSP’s check with the lender to see how quickly you may access these funds. Many are not immediately available.

Do you have any big changes that you’re expecting, such as starting a family, or buying a new car? What about the unexpected like being relocated for work, or the need to be closer to elderly parents? All of these things could have an effect on your monthly payments and you should ask about penalty fees.
For example, what would happen if you had a 5 year mortgage and you needed to move before the term was up? In some cases it could cost you thousands of dollars!

In addition to making mortgage payments, you will also have to allow for utility costs, yearly property taxes and if it’s a condominium monthly maintenance fees.

Taking the time to get pre-qualified for a mortgage will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re shopping within your budget and will give both the seller’s and their listing agent some confidence that the deal will go through.

Contact me directly to connect you with a lender that will spend the extra time ensuring you a full understanding of your options and will work on getting you the right mortgage that fits you personally!

For a FREE Home Purchase Cost Estimate worksheet send me an email at diana@dianabudway.com

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New Summer Collection at Parsons Interiors Ltd

This season our focus is on performance. We believe the home should be beautiful, but it must also be livable, easy to care for, and worry-free.

We are proud to introduce a new color book series called Performance Wovens which features the technologies of Alta and Crypton Home. These innovative technologies deliver a new level of performance and cleanability in fabrics that are soft, durable and resistant to stains.

The second edition of our Home & Garden series is an exclusive collection of Sunbrella performance fabrics for use both inside and outside the home. From indoor dining areas to outdoor furniture, Sunbrella is soft to the touch, durable, easy to clean, with color that remains vibrant.

Pure & Simple is our series name for solid or slightly textured drapery and multi purpose fabrics. Pure & Simple IV consists of two simply elegant silk-like textures. This compilation of faux silk looks works beautifully for chic residential window applications, but with the benefit of being inherently FR, both patterns are suitable for commercial settings.

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Measuring a Room for Wallpaper

The main determinant in ordering the proper quantity of wallpaper for your room is simply the square footage of the room. The easiest way to determine this is to measure each wall separately and add the combined square footage of all the walls.

For example, if an 8’ high wall is 12’ long and has a standard door, the square footage of that wall is: 8’x12’(height x width) = 96 sq.ft. minus the door frame 7’x3’ = 21 sq.ft.; therefore 96sq.ft. – 21 sq.ft. = 75 sq.ft. After adding all four wall measurements you will have the total square footage. Remember to be liberal with your measurements as there is always a potential for waste when trimming the wallpaper. Adding 10% to your order is a good rule of thumb where there is a potential for waste from vertical trimming.

Feature Walls

Be aware that when measuring for feature walls, we can only use full and complete strips of wallpaper. First, measure your wall width in inches. When purchasing, determine the width of the wallpaper roll (ie 20.5” or 27”) and then determine how many strips you will need to cover the wall width. For example: you have a wall that is 138” wide (11.5’); your wallpaper is 20.5” wide; you will need 7 full strips of wallpaper (20.5 x 7 = 143.5”) to cover your wall width.

Wallpaper Dealer in Mississauga & Oakville



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