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New Summer Collection at Parsons Interiors Ltd

This season our focus is on performance. We believe the home should be beautiful, but it must also be livable, easy to care for, and worry-free.

We are proud to introduce a new color book series called Performance Wovens which features the technologies of Alta and Crypton Home. These innovative technologies deliver a new level of performance and cleanability in fabrics that are soft, durable and resistant to stains.

The second edition of our Home & Garden series is an exclusive collection of Sunbrella performance fabrics for use both inside and outside the home. From indoor dining areas to outdoor furniture, Sunbrella is soft to the touch, durable, easy to clean, with color that remains vibrant.

Pure & Simple is our series name for solid or slightly textured drapery and multi purpose fabrics. Pure & Simple IV consists of two simply elegant silk-like textures. This compilation of faux silk looks works beautifully for chic residential window applications, but with the benefit of being inherently FR, both patterns are suitable for commercial settings.

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Measuring a Room for Wallpaper

The main determinant in ordering the proper quantity of wallpaper for your room is simply the square footage of the room. The easiest way to determine this is to measure each wall separately and add the combined square footage of all the walls.

For example, if an 8’ high wall is 12’ long and has a standard door, the square footage of that wall is: 8’x12’(height x width) = 96 sq.ft. minus the door frame 7’x3’ = 21 sq.ft.; therefore 96sq.ft. – 21 sq.ft. = 75 sq.ft. After adding all four wall measurements you will have the total square footage. Remember to be liberal with your measurements as there is always a potential for waste when trimming the wallpaper. Adding 10% to your order is a good rule of thumb where there is a potential for waste from vertical trimming.

Feature Walls

Be aware that when measuring for feature walls, we can only use full and complete strips of wallpaper. First, measure your wall width in inches. When purchasing, determine the width of the wallpaper roll (ie 20.5” or 27”) and then determine how many strips you will need to cover the wall width. For example: you have a wall that is 138” wide (11.5’); your wallpaper is 20.5” wide; you will need 7 full strips of wallpaper (20.5 x 7 = 143.5”) to cover your wall width.

Wallpaper Dealer in Mississauga & Oakville



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Decorating for a New Year’s Eve Party

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve Party ? New Year’s is one of the biggest party celebrations out there besides Christmas.  One thing I’ve noticed is that we don’t always know how to decorate for New Year’s and make it look spectacular, but having people talk about it later on in the year about what a fantastic job you did decorating for the party will be a great feeling for you. So today I am writing this article to show you some tips on how to make your New Year’s Eve party amazing.

Step One:

Helium balloons-everyone loves balloons,they are one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate a large room.  Look for colours such as black and white, or silver and gold to make it very formal. Be sure to add a little more creativity into it and add some purple balloons as purple is the new black for fashion. Try to get enough balloons so it can cover up the whole ceiling, you can even place them in a net and have them come down at midnight.

Step Two:

Place a beautiful centerpiece on your dinning room table, hall or the main room that you are hosting the party in. Changing your Christmas arrangement into your New Year’s one is a very easy step.  Take  your centrepieces from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy New Year” just by adding a few noise makers with some sparklers.  For a fun look add a clock in the middle of you coffee table  and place a streamer  around it.

Having silver place settings and white fake snow on the tables while people mingle and have some drinks and appetizers brings the beauty and sparkle of winter inside without all of the cold and mess!

Step Three:

Have fun on your New Year’s Party and do not drink and drive. Have a wonderful New Year’s everyone!! All the best for a safe, happy, and healthy 2013.


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A decorating and design professional is qualified by education and experience to develop and enhance the function and quality of interior (and exterior) spaces. A professional analyzes the client’s needs and formulates design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriately appointed and functional.

When planning to decorate or design a space, a decorating professional will save you time and money. Services can be as limited as a consultation offering advice on choosing a colour scheme, hiring a contractor or buying a product. Or you may wish to hire a professional to help you with full design services for redecorating, redesigning or renovating, purchasing products and arranging installations.

Decorating and design professionals may specialize in a particular design area, for instance, residential and/or commercial design

By choosing a CDECA Member you are guaranteed that you will be working with a qualified professional. CDECA Members are graduates of recognized academic institutions in the field of interior decorating and design and/or have established professional decorating portfolios. They are also committed to ongoing education through CDECA professional development training. CDECA Members ensure that you have access to the most current trends and innovations so when you are decorating, renovating, buying or building, choosing a CDECA designated professional to assist you will result in professional results.

Jackie Connolly CDECA RESA
Parsons Interiors

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Fashion and Décor go hand in hand. …Trends for 2013


The fashion world and interior decorating have a lot in common! The colours and styles that people wear often reflect what is trending in home decorating as well. This past spring the hot colors were gray and rich, purple plums. Fashion stylists encouraged lots of layering with scarves and necklaces. In the decor we saw lots of pillows in many sizes and throws. These colours are being seen in Home Decor as well!


The new pop colour  for 2013 is emerald green! Decorators are using this colour is as a neutral. For more info on this topic see my new blog coming soon http://parsonsinteriors.wordpress.com


They are also showing white on white with grey.

Grey is still the new neutral. Even in paint colours, many colours are being “grayed” down.  Benjamin Moore says that one of their most popular colours is “revere grey.”


Many clients want to have an eco-friendly effect and are looking to find products that are environmentally friendly. When working with wood, we are seeing weathered wood in grey with silver. Re-claimed wood is being used, a lot is being shown on walls and unique places in your home to give a one of a kind effect!


In table setting centerpieces, we are seeing lots of natural products from the outdoors, such as banana leaves, bark, and birch branches. Get creative! Bring the outdoors indoor to make your home truly one of an eco-friendly-kind.

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Designing French Style

As an interior designer/ decorator in Oakville / Mississauga, Jackie Connolly of Parsons Interiors gets the opportunity to attend some really interesting home furnishing events put on by local suppliers, manufacturing and retail businesses in Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington.

Within the next few years, we will be seeing a lot of the French Style theme blowing up the trends. The French country theme will likely become very popular.  Parsons Interiors has already been incorporating the beautiful French style décor in many homes especially, homes in Oakville and Mississauga. Parsons Interiors have added a more modern look to the old French country, Jackie calls it  French shabby chic. Lots of new merchandise will be showcased at Parsons Interiors from Jackie’s last buying trip to Las Vegas. See my next months blog on regarding my Las Vegas Gift & Furniture Show experience.
A view of a typical French themed kitchen above. Complete with pastels and rustic looking pots and pans.

The French country theme includes rustic looking furniture with slightly faded or worn fabrics. Mixing and matching dark and white furniture also goes well with the theme.  Pastel yellows, greens, blues, black and white accessories are the perfect accents when decorating any room. Accessories such as French ceramics can be placed throughout your living room on the mantel, side tables, and cabinets.

A typical French themed is ceramic roosters and lemons on the kitchen counter very popular in French décor.

Sunflowers are also very favored in the French culture as seen below.

A typical French country themed living room with lots of pillows and lots of textures.  Parsons Interiors would recommend a little less would give it a new French twist and less clutter.

Back in the 16th and 17th century, the Louise Kings of France had their own style of furniture that differentiated from the others, however, the tradition of the chairs remained fairly similar with minor changes.

The image below is Louis XIII styled chair. This pair is from the 19th century with newly updated upholstery early Louis XIII straight back, curved arms and turned legs.

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Feng Shui and Travel

When booking a hotel room consider Feng Shui and the flow of chi when making your requests:

– try to avoid rooms that have the door facing down a long corridor or hallway
– avoid the room right beside the elevator or hotel-restaurant

Once in the room check to see where the mirrors are located.  If there is one facing the bottom of the bed, then you can drape a scarf or pillowcase over it, for a better sleep.  If you have a room with 2 beds you can take the bed farthest from any mirrored closet doors that are facing the bed.

Look for a hotel that is not right on the highway, however, if it is, then book a room at the back of the hotel where it is quieter. 

When away for longer periods of time, bring things that remind you of your home and family.  Usually smaller objects are easy to pack and you can place them on the dresser or table in the room. 

In the morning or at night, take a few minutes to appreciate your surroundings and show your gratitude by saying ”thank you” to the universe for insuring your safe travels!


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New Trends and Styles From High Point


As an interior designer/decorator  in Mississauga/ Oakville Jackie Connolly of Parsons Interiors got the opportunity to attend some really interesting trends and style events put on by local suppliers, manufacturing and retail businesses in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington.

I had the opperunaty to attend a few this month, here is few outlines on what’s hot in the next few years.

Two of my semners were with one of the  top designers, Jane Lockhart, who’s well known and extremely talented.  She presented some spring design tips and her new line Jane by Jane Lockhart which will be available at some retail stores and designers. Some of the design tips shared were that we will be seeing a lot of colour and pattern. She talked about graphics, geometric, and the all time favourite stripes. You will also see a lot of furniture with the nail head treatment and tufting and contrast piping, a very Coco Chanel look  and once again yellow metal is showing up as in brass and copper. If you haven’t watched mad man, please do it. The decor, the clothes, and lets not forget the hair, are all coming back. The only think thats not is the smoking. As for colour, there is an abundance with Pantonne’s Colour of the Year being Emerald Green leading the way, you will also be seeing lots of oranges, yellows and blues being shown as colours for 2013 and 2014.  One can start small with the accessories to add colour to our neutral larger pieces, as you get brave you can move to larger pieces.


We also see mirrored case goods and star bust mirrors which really help to expand a space and add some great bling to the design, it’s all about the bling this trend. Parsons Interiors is showcasing some beautiful lamps with diamond studs, come in for a visit.

We at  Parsons Interiors selected mostly grey and light neutral pieces, which I am personally fond of, but there is a myriad of colourful and patterned fabrics available to have smaller custom pieces created to work with your neutrals. If you are ready to go full out of your comfort zone the pieces below are in our showroom can definitely be fabricated in a bright and colourful pattern!

Lots of nailhead trim and tufting as seen below… The colour we are hearing about will be seen in accessories for many people.


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Christmas Decoration Ideas  For Your Mantel

This winter seasons the power of  sliver is in. We all want to make our home stunning for Christmas.

The fire place is where we hang our stocking for Santa to stock our presents in. The fire place should be one of the main focal points in the room at Christmas time. One marvellous look this year is decorating with Christmas balls adding lots of drama and sparkle, and it’s so easy and inexpanceive.

First off , I would like you to go beyond the green and red pallet you see everywhere, every year. One example is I arranged a delightful fairy tale look with some white and silver Christmas ornaments with some silver pine cones in glass vases of varying heights. This kind of look gives out the cheerfulness fresh  new look to see in this Christmas season.  Beside the glass vases I have put down a chic mirrored Christmas trees with a sister reindeer with same designs from the Christmas trees accessories. Keep in mind colours and patterns should always have a relationship with something else in the room and in this case on our mantel.

For our second addition to my mantel is I added some white candle holders that are very classic looking with cream coloured round candles of different heights resting on the candle holders for when they are lit, you get the astonishing warm pleasurable feel in your home.

Lastly I have placed two metal silver urns on ether side of my fire place; I have decorated them with the same colour pallet I used on the mantel, silvers and whites. I have added some oomph  by using sparkly sequences large decorative balls little birds on my silver glittery twigs.

Changing your house info home, Have a Merry Christmas from Parsons Interiors

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Thank you so very much for attending our Grand Opening of our decorating studio, on Friday, September 28 th.

I can’t express how much it meant to celebrate with you all.

On behalf of the Parsons Interiors, staff and Jackie Connolly, we loved seeing you and can’t wait to see with you at the studio again.

You are be able to enjoy photos from the Grand Opening and video done by John Goldstein  http://youtu.be/x91kzQ-3VbU see if you can see your self and friends that attended.

Please go to on our Face Book Page and like us


Pick up the South Mississauga Snap and the West magazine in Nov and see who you may know in the crowed.



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