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 Time to Fall in Love…Colour Trends and  Decorating for Fall 2012  continue

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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons we have in Canada even though it’s very short. Now is the time to add a touch of spring and summer to your home décor.

Here are a few simple ideas to turn your home to beautiful fresh spring, show place with some… wow factors for your home décor in very little time.

Out side curb appeal: Spring and summer wreath, also large side urn pots sets the tone for a welcoming home feeling. This time of year you can plant real flowers, but if you are away a lot over the summer up to the cottage there is nothing wrong with having artificial floral arrangement done….I sure love that, this way it always looks great, with out having to water them.
This is also a very good tip when selling your home as well.
Save the headache of trying to make them your self I can custom make them for you with your colour scream and your personality in mind. This will add spring and summer beauty to your front door quickly. If you only add one new piece of the season décor, this would be the one to invest in for the most impact.
Hanging wreath has nerve been easier with the new inexpensive wreath hangers available.

Front hall and entrance: In the Feng Shui practice the entrance of your home is one of the most importance rooms, so why not do it up right and bring in the good luck by changing up your front entrance.
For a super fast way to set the stage to the season is decorate your front hall.
It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple display of what is in season will work very nicely.

Mantle: Another easy way to change the season by adding a touch of new décor is to accent the fireplace. Most homes the fireplace is decorated for the Christmas holidays, why not change it with the season four times a year. Mantles are the perfect focal point to decorate for the season. Change the candles to spring and summer colours still keeping your décor in mind.
Add a spring and summer flower arrestment with perhaps some seashell and beautiful rocks, and why not change up the artwork or mirror while your at it, get it that fresh new spring feeling.
Just by adding a few items this will give a new theme to any room.

To get in the season mood underway, these simple projects can be completed in less than one afternoon. No matter how busy you are there is no reason why you should not enjoy bringing in the new season to your home.

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There are many television shows today that focus on home staging.
They all say the same thing: do not even consider putting your house on the
market until you have taken a close look at its condition. Experienced
sales people know that you only have one shot at impressing potential buyers, so take some time
to prepare your home for showings. You will be rewarded with a faster sale and a higher offer.

Start with the Basics
Start by having a garage sale and eliminate clutter any unused item that you will not be taking to your new home.
Everything from floors to windows must be spotless, including the garage and don’t forget the basment.
Remember to clean the oven and other major appliances.

Outside Tasks
Clean the drain gutters. Buyers almost always comment if gutters are full of leaves and it
makes them question other maintenance issues.
Store or organize items that make the yard look messy.
Make your front entry inviting. Decorate it, paint the door or buy a new door. It’s the first look
at your house, so make it a good one.

Tips for Vacant Homes
Vacant homes often have a stale or mildew-laden smell in the air.
As soon as buyers smell mildew or unpleasant orders, they are out the door. Deal with the mildew and orders before you list the house.

Leaving the heat or air conditioning running while a home is on the market it reduces odors
and makes the house more inviting. We can talk about this is more details if this occurs.
Keep the lawn and landscaping tidy, even if you have to hire someone to do it.

Don’t Take it Personally
The first step is to separate yourself from any personal feelings you may have about your home.
It’s not your home now; it’s a commodity you intend to market. As the seller, you must trust
your own instincts. Try to evaluate your house as if you are seeing it for the first time.

If you were a home buyer, what would you think about the house?

What changes would make immediate improvements?

What are the home’s best features and how can you show them off?

How about a look that says “comfort” warm and inviting.

Create a Mood
Is there a mood that you’d like to create? If you’re near water, how about breezy
fabrics and blue-green colors that remind us of the beach?
Study the house, brainstorm, and speak to me we can make the ideas possible.

Pack It Up
Pack away most of the things you are taking with you any ways, after all you are moving.
I will gave you ideas on what should stay and what should be packet up. Buyers should be able to imagine their own possessions in the home. When home buyers start deciding how their furniture will fit into your rooms, you’re on your way to having a sold sign on your lawn.

Make It More Spacious
Remove excess furniture to make rooms appear more spacious, this is what we can go over in a consultation.
Clean and organize the closets.

Store boxes in an out of the way location or rent a temporary storage unit so you can de-clutter every part of the house.

Expose Desirable Features
Some times we may have to remove rugs if they’re covering up nice hardwood floors.
Remove heavy drapes that keep out natural light, especially if there’s a great view out the windows.

Add Some Life
Plants go hand-in-hand with nearly any home staging theme.

Freshen Up
How about a coat of fresh paint? Are walls in the house dingy? Are the colours dated?
Once Jackie Connolly picks the right colour for the house, we can move forward.
Jackie has experienced trade painters that work with her. This will make your live a lot easier.

Create a Mood
Bake bread during showings, or place a fresh loaf in a basket on the counter to create a warm and homey atmosphere. Have a bowl of apples or lemons in the kitchen.

Classical music playing softly in the background is nice, but choose something that enhances the mood you are trying to create. Light some candles that are in a glass jar make sure that they are not left unattended.

Essential Curb Appeal

Having some urns with seasonal flower arrangements is inviting, this is some thing that Jackie
makes for my clients you then can take them with you to your new home. This is a service that
she offer my clients. The urns can be changed seasonal.

In addition to keeping the lawn nicely trimmed, there are other elements you can add to grab
a buyer’s attention before they walk in the door: Use outdoor lighting.

It does wonders in the evenings when many homebuyers drive-bys your property.
Buy an attractive doorknob set.
Sweep the driveway; pressure wash the house or sidewalks if necessary, in enhance the landscaping.

A great overall first impression is often enough to make a buyer fall in love with your house as soon as they see it from the street.

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What to consider when making Eco choices for your home:

  1. Source material- is it a renewable material or a scarce resource?
  2. How is the source material generated? How is it grown harvested or collected?
  3. What amount of pesticide, water and energy is used in production or growth?
  4. How much air, water and soil pollution is generated in the processing of the source material?
  5. Will the finished goods off gas or otherwise pollute once within the home? How will they contribute to the interior air quality?
  6. At the end of their lifespan how will the materials decompose in landfill?
  7. Recycled content or recyclability-know the facts

The Realities of the Textile Industry Chemical

  • In the last century the textile industry has become one of, if not the largest polluter in the world.
  • While we are all making better choices for our families and our future when it comes to choosing organic foods, fuel efficient vehicles, using our heating and A/C more thoughtfully we continue to consume textiles that have a massive negative impact on the planet.

Water-Production of Textile

  • The finite resource of clean drinking water is rapidly becoming scarce in many parts of the world
  • Water is used at every stage in fabric manufacturing for example to dissolve chemicals and to wash and rinse out chemicals.
  • The chemically infused wastewater is often released into local rivers where it enters the ground water, drinking water and habitat of plants, animals and of course human food.

Interior Air and Human Health

  • Off gassing (or out gassing) of traditional textiles within a family home have been proven toxic. Humans cannot only breathe it in (think of that new car smell) but also it can be absorbed though your skin just in contact with the fabric itself. We even ingest microscope particles of these toxic chemicals through repeated exposure.

Renewable vs. non-renewable resources=Natural vs. Synthetic

  • Synthetic fabrics (i.e. polyester) are part of the petro-chemical chain of products-it uses a limited resource as its base component.
  • Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are renewable resources growing each season.
  • Only polyester can be recycled currently, no other synthetics
  • There are substantial environmental concerns with the recycling of polyester due to the chemical Antimony, which is not a benign chemical but likely a carcinogen.

Remains of the day-Post Consumer Life-Landfill

  • Natural, untreated fabrics break down in the landfill where treated and synthetic fibers do not.
  • There is no viable way to recycle polyester fabric at this time.
  • Using PET bottles, which come with a heavy carbon footprint-the transportation of the bottles to China for production and the production itself, produces recycled polyester textiles.
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Fu dogs are meant for protection. There are two, a male and a female. The male fu dog will have a ball under its front paw and the female will have a baby foo under hers. They are meant to be placed by the front door, or entrance way, facing outward one on each side, keeping bad things out and welcoming good things in. By placing pennies at their feet, it is a prayer for prosperity, and wealth, not necessarily money. They should be placed outside your home and not inside the residence. Always put the male Fu Dog on the left hand side of your entrance (inside looking out).

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