Grey is back in full swing
Sound dull and dreary? It is the perfect backdrop to just about any color palette you chose to go with it. Don’t forget there are many shades and tints of grey.
• You see it everywhere: bedding upholstery, walls and of course fashion.
• Gray remains sophisticated, classy and rich feeling.
• Works well in masculine and feminine settings.
• Fits with traditional and contemporary genres.
• Conservative in uncertain times when you can’t afford to make a mistake.
• Takes on the look of surrounding hues.
• Perfect with vivid colors and pastels.
• Considered the new beige.
• Looks organic (think driftwood, sea shells, stones in a brook).
• Works well with stainless steel appliances.
• Looks great with brushed nickel.
• Considered now the “in” color for bridesmaids.
• Even goes with beige and looks fabulous with dark chocolate.
• Many shades available but know in advance whether your gray is warm or cool. If warm, mix with warm colors. If cool, mix with cool colors.
• As always, test before.
• And of course you can always call me for advice.
Colour consultation is one of the services that I offer.

Category: Interior Decorating

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