Spring showers bring summer flowers. I’m so looking forward to flowers breaking through the ground and seeing the buds on the trees. A little tip while waiting for the flowers to come through is…..buy some inexpressive silk flowers and put them in the soil. This will give you instant colour till the flowers bloom.

The summer I was getting married it rained all summer with having a back yard wedding; I had come up with this idea.

If you are putting a water fountain in your yard, make sure the water is running towards your home and not away from your home. Water represents the flow of money with Feng Shui and you don’t want the flow of money going away from you. Also, don’t let the water get stagnant. Keep it clean and fresh.

If you are putting pathways in your yard/garden, they should be curved and not straight.

Keep hedges and tree branches trimmed back and not overcrowding windows, doorways or pathways. This is not only a good design reason but a security one as well.

Land or property that slopes down in the back of the house should be anchored with hedges. The best grading is to have it a little higher in the back of the house and slowly running downward toward the front of the house and street.

It’s all about you…your desires….your dreams…we make them come true.


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