Feng Shui and Travel

When booking a hotel room consider Feng Shui and the flow of chi when making your requests:

– try to avoid rooms that have the door facing down a long corridor or hallway
– avoid the room right beside the elevator or hotel-restaurant

Once in the room check to see where the mirrors are located.  If there is one facing the bottom of the bed, then you can drape a scarf or pillowcase over it, for a better sleep.  If you have a room with 2 beds you can take the bed farthest from any mirrored closet doors that are facing the bed.

Look for a hotel that is not right on the highway, however, if it is, then book a room at the back of the hotel where it is quieter. 

When away for longer periods of time, bring things that remind you of your home and family.  Usually smaller objects are easy to pack and you can place them on the dresser or table in the room. 

In the morning or at night, take a few minutes to appreciate your surroundings and show your gratitude by saying ”thank you” to the universe for insuring your safe travels!


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