Time to Fall in Love…Colour Trends and  Decorating for Fall 2012 


The long hot summer days are soon going to give way to the cooler autumn nights. This time of year not only brings with it a distinct change in weather, but also offers a sophisticated transformation of both design and colour.

Parsons Interiors is excited to introduce the Fall 2012 Collections of Maxwell Fabrics. This season they are highlighting the most modern luxurious and decadent colours and patterns. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Streamlined modernism is jolted with a blast of colour this season. Forecasted trends balance luxury & decadence with sensible usability for long lasting stylish décor. Practical pieces, whether casual or tailored, are energized through a fusion of colour & pattern. Combining bright confident colours and luxe textiles with staple neutrals creates a playful sophistication right on trend for a modern classic look.

Color Trends for Fall 2012

• Brilliant brights: Citron yellow, tangerine orange & deep fuchsia add a powerful punch for the most dramatic colour statements this season.

• Earthy Neutrals: warm, medium grays offer stability while deep chocolate tones provide depth, richness & elegance.

• Exotic jewel tones: honey gold, fiery orange, deep teal, & dark purple exude warmth & intensity.

Fabric & Design Trends  for Fall 2012

• Tailored shapes continue to favor textured linens & wools

• Modern geometrics look fresh in smaller scale designs.

• Shine evolves with opulent textiles such as satin, silk, & velvet using sleek shapes & clean lines.

Colour Forecast:  for Fall 2012


Turquoise has proven staying power in fashion for apparel and interiors. This trendy blue reflects serenity and well-being and is loved for it’s soothing tranquility when paired with soft neutrals, and for its bold showiness when accented with lime green and citrus yellow. Turquoise continues to add excitement as an important trend colour for seasons to come.


Citrus lime, deep emerald, or spring leaf, green is growing strong and forecasted to gain strength in upcoming seasons. Green is a restful and balanced colour symbolizing freshness and optimism. Pair with gold and orange to create an exotic energetic palette, accent with soft lilac and plum for romance, or modernize with bold black and white.


Tangerine, carrot, apricot; orange is this year’s biggest colour trend. Orange is a power colour known to stimulate creativity and positive energy. Pair this warm vibrant colour with teal blue and yellow for this season’s most dynamic colour statement.

Refresh, energize, and wake up any setting with bold, vivid colour.

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